Hawaiian Furniture Company

Limited Production Beds
Available in California King, Queen & Twin sizes

Queen size four post bed using coconut framing and koa posts and a painted scene of premissionary Waikiki. This California King has the same headboard & footboard design.

Twin size four post bed using coconut framing and koa posts. Comes with headboard only.

Twin headboard panel with white ginger bouquet. The headboard panels will be offered with different Hawaiian scenes and flower bouquets as standard art. Custom art will also be available by the same artists Georg James & John Dinsmore.

The panels will also be available in other materials such as woven hala and bamboo. More samples will be posted once they are available.


Award Winning Four Post Koa Bed California King
Available in California & Eastern King sizes

Post are 5 1/2 x 5 1/2" x 8'-3" turned as one piece from a match set of solid curly koa blanks -- very rare. Laminated koa post are also available.

Close up view of head board. One piece head board with crotch wood appliqués and turned plate.

Four Post Koa Bed Eastern King Size
Available in California & Eastern King sizes

Posts are 3-3/4" x 3 3/4" x 4'-4" high


Limited Production Koa Veneer Center & Dining Tables
Available in sizes from 2' up to 6' diameter

5'-6" diameter dining table, made of 1/8" thick shop cut curly koa veneer and solid Kamani turned center column

Fine curly koa veneer used in our tables.