The finished canoe "Makalea" at Lanikuhonua, Oahu

Hawaiian Earth Products green waste facility, the souce of the log

Salvaged timber

The Albezia log (#1 invasive tree species in Hawaii)

Roughed hull

Kupuna (teachers) helping out

The hull, a little more refined

Ready to go into the shop for finishing

Patching the hull

The manus

Note the eyes on both the front and back manu
(The canoe's name, Makalea, means "The Eyes of Lea" the Hawaiian goddess of canoe builders and navigators)

The ama, the outrigger float

McD Philpotts

Out of the shop

On display at the Pegge Hopper Gallery

Paddles also made from salvaged wood

The Christening at Lanikuhonua, a historic fishing village

Probably the first canoe in 200 years....

to go from the mountains to the sea here!

Educating children at the Bishop Museum.

Culturally based environmental resource education


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